Poetry Writing & Poetry Editing Services – Adam Levon Brown

I offer an Award-Winning Quality poetry writing service & Editing services on Fiverr, Upwork, and here on the website. I have stellar writing skills with 8+ years of professional experience. I am also a professional poet and I’ve been published around the world. I also offer resources for new poets to get their feet wet. Look for my resources on submitting poetry if you are new Find them here

A Bit About Me:

I am an Award-Winning Poet & Author. I am also an experienced Poetry Ghostwriter and Online Course Creator. My books have been reviewed in such famous outlets as Kirkus Reviews and are shelved in libraries across the United States.

I serve Fresh & New Poets who are just starting out in the poetry industry. My courses revolve around writing excellent poetry, creating the perfect poetry books, and getting that much deserved, much desired first writing publication! Don’t want to learn poetry, but still want a fresh book? I offer that, as well. I am an experienced Ghostwriter with several years of experience. I will bring your poetic vision to fruition. Dream big.

I do what I do because I’ve been there. Just beginning in a new industry can be exciting BUT DAUNTING. My courses will guide you on the correct paths to begin writing and get published. But no matter how experienced you are, you can definitely learn something from my courses.


– 8 Years of Real Poetry & Publishing Industry Experience

– 1st Place Winner of the 2019 Blue Nib Poetry Chapbook Award

– Shortlisted three times for the prestigious Erbacce Prize for Poetry

– Sole judge for the 2019 Into the Void Poetry Contest

– Thousands of books sold, with many inside libraries in the United States

– Over 400 poems published in literary journals internationally in several languages

– 13 of my own personal book works published by Publishing Presses across the globe

– Hundreds of professional, custom poetry books written for ghostwriting clients

– Founder of the social enterprise, “Madness Muse Press” which has published over 12,000 unique voices

– Professional Online Course Creator – With over 23,000 enrollments and a 4/5 Star Rating since 2020

What I Offer

I offer only high-quality poetry and my service is affordable.

If you’re looking for a special poem for that special person, an entire book of poetry, or poetry editing services, choose Adam Levon Brown Poetry. We promise Award-Winning quality at a decent price, every time.

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