Dead Snakes
Our Last Stand 
Peeking Into Darkness 
2 Poems
Anti-Heroin Chic
3 Poems
3 Poems
2 Poems
Leaves of Ink
These Streets Don’t Cry For us
Matrix of Malignancy
Separation of Gods
Writing Raw
The Bitchin’ Kitsch
January 2016 Issue
Indiana Voice Journal
Beat Love
“S” for Save My City
3 poems
3 Poems
The Stray Branch Magazine 
One Poem
One Poem    
First Literary Review – East
March 2016 Issue
Section 8 Magazine
7 Poems
4 Poems
2 Poems
4 poems
The Poet Community
Setting Forth- On a Literary Itinerary
Cinematic Bloodbath
Philosophy of a Fly
Star Stuff
Shores of Joy
Philosophy of a Breeze
She V2
Red Rising Magazine (Online Only)
Call of Mother
Social Justice Poetry
High Coupe
2 Poems
Peeking Cat Poetry Magazine
11th Issue with my poem included
Death of a Rose
Calvacade of Stars
Doing Time
Human Condition
Whispering Noose
Silent Obscurity
Poetic Diversity
Memory of Petals
Yellow Chair Review
Issue 6: Page 80
Memory Apocalypse
3 poems
Tuck Magazine
Facing Death with a Heart Full of Sorrow
Mascara Stains
2 Poems 
2 Poems
2 Poems
2 poems
Midnight Thief
Halcyon Days
Issue 1 – Oregon Night Sky
Winter 2017 Edition – Young Snowflake
Dissident Voice
The Pledge
Democracy Spring
Labor for Sale
America: The Rave
Lizards, I tell Ya!
Mind Scrape
Silent Dissidence
Freedom Tears
Living on the Fringe
Ruminations Realized
Newspaper Clippings
Corvus Review
Memories of Love
Sunset On the River – 3 Line poem
Oh, Beautiful Twilight
Burningword Literary Journal
Wildflower Muse
The Lowest Side of Low
Mental Perforation
Five 2 One Magazine
Five Poems
In Between Hangovers
Dopamine Fix
Broken Chain
Walking Is Still Honest
Gravestone in Black
2 Poems
Scarlet Leaf Review
3 poems
3 Poems
3 Poems
3 Poems
The Beatnik Cowboy
Wolves of Midwinter
Live Again
Love is an Art Form
Sick Lit Magazine
2 poems
4 Poems
Asian Signature
3 Poems
Degenerate Literature
2 Poems
Agoraphobic Anarchy
Burning House Press
3 Poems
Harbinger Asylum
Atlas Smiles, Winter 2016 Edition
Horror, Sleaze, Trash
Lonely Dinner
3 Poems
Angry Manifesto
Bird Song (Print)
Darkrun Review
2 Poems
Poetry Pacific
One Poem
Agjencioni Floripress
2 Poems in Albanian
Cocktail Molly
These Streets Don’t Cry For Us
3 Poems

5 Poems

The Blue Mountain Review
And So I Say
Gazeta Nacional – Albanian/Kosovo
1 Poem
Black Poppy Review
The Bus Always Crashes
The Bases are Loaded and So Am I
3 Poems
3 Poems
Rasputin Anthology 
Wraith Infirmity Muses
The Artist
Liquid Sunshine
Outlaw Poetry
4 Poems
Midnight Noir
Night on the Streets
Life Twisted
Nebula Song
Triadic Dimension Split
The Electronic Pamphlet
2 Poems
Better Than Starbucks
Broken English
Rock Bottom
Full of Crow
3 Poems 
7 Poems
Spirit Fire Review
Cosmos Inspection
Firefly Magazine
Issue 11 –  1 poem
Outsider Poetry
2 Poems
Red Fez
Piker Press
The Mind Swirls
Simplification of Threads 
Angel City Review
Dervish – Nietzsche
Penwood Review
1 Poem
Ariel Chart 
Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened

4 Poems

DM Du Joir
Dissidence of Panoramic Tribulation
Le Scat Noir
3 pieces
Angry Old Man
5 Poems 
Plum Tree Tavern
1 Poem 
Setu Magazine
3 Poems
Indian Periodical
1 Poem
Weasel Press Anthology
1 Poem
Stray Branch
3 Poems

Rosette Maleficarum

2 Poems

Pangolin Review

1 Poem


Magnolia Review

1 Poem

Peregrine Muse

12 Poems

Duane’s Poetree

1 Poem

Record Magazine

10 Poems

Uut Poetry

1 Poem 


4 Poems







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